Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Salvador Dali's house

 To Salvador dali's summer  house and museum we go.  Located in  Figures, Spain.

You can find this giant installation at his museum,  climb up the stair case to get the BIG VIEW.

During the summer Dali would live in a small town next to the mediterranean sea.  He also has a winter house that I haven't been able to check out yet.  These photo were taken on a trip I took in 2006.  I wanted to start out this year with a tribute to my favorite artist and muse.  Walking around his house you really get to see and understand how he came up with a lot of his paintings.  Dali loved taxidermy and had tons of it throughout.

walking  up to his house

 front door greeters

Dali has multiple living rooms. This one is for business and people he didn't care for. 

This living room is for his closest friends. it's in a circular shape so everyone can see each other.

unfinished painting in his studio.

A picture of Gala hangs above his studio door. 

living room for Gala and Dali only
bed room stair case

through out the house you will find hallways that will lead to nowhere. 

Inspiration was a much inside as outside.  His pool was constructed in the shape of a penis.

 Handful of different size eggs where built onto the house.  

As you exit the house you come across this guy who says good bye for him incase he didn't.

 museo was 20 minutes away from his house and it was worth the very long wait

Dali is buried inside his museum 

for more information on his house visit http://www.salvador-dali.org


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